Ijsbreker 12: De kunst van het tafelen

1984 01:04:27 col.

A programme about dining, cooking and eating. An outlook on the kitchens and the tables of a cookery club and a restaurant, under the watching eye of lawyer and trendsetter John Bultinck. What is the difference between a confectionery kitchen and an à la carte one? Is gastronomy culturally predetermined? Is cooking an art form or, as Socrates put it, merely a trade which insures bodily maintenance, like medicine? Does consistency with rational norms and trends inhibit creativity? Part of the BRT (Belgian radio and television broadcast network) television series ’Ijsbreker’ (’Icebreaker’).

Original broadcast date: 23/11/1983.

Directed by Cornelis, Jef
Directed by Claeys, Jackie
Directed by De Geest, Mark
Directed by Schoetens, Karel
With Geeraerts, Jef
With Lucas, Lucienne
With Cocquyt, Etienne
With Vigenon, Nora
With Vermeersch, Jacques
With Tyteca, Armand
With Coolsaet, Bo
With Flack, Herbert
With Claes, Bob
With Van Hoeydonck, Paul
With Bultinck, John
With Dierickx, Paul
With Kuypers, Jan
With Buytaert, Jan
Technical co-ordination Devogelaere, Piet
Technical co-ordination Nonneman, Frans
Technical manager Baes, Louis
Technical manager Guldentops, Frans
Technical manager Derkinderen, John
Manager radiobeam link Vandepitte, Julien
Lab manager Reyniers, Aimé
Location manager Callebaut, Willy
Location manager Kerkhove, Dirk
Location manager Palmans, Louis
Research Hoste, Pol
Research Van Kerkhoven, Marianne
Assistant to the director Vanhooren, Veerle
Produced by BRT (Dienst Kunstzaken)
Producer Bekkers, Ludo