A weekend with Monsieur Magritte, part 1 Saturday

1997 00:28:32 col. and b&w

’a weekend with Monsieur Magritte’ was compiled from fragments of amateur films Magritte made himself on super-8 and 8mm. The first part of this Magritte portrait, is mainly compiled from fragments of staged enactments of situations with, among others, Georgette Magritte, Paul Colinet, Irène Hamoir and Scutenaire, playfully described by the latter as "une histoire érotico-fantastico-iconoclaste".

Original broadcast date: 20/03/1997

Directed by Cornelis, Jef
Scenario Verschaffel, Bart
Editing De Corte, Pieter
Sound De Decker, George
Production assistant Binnemans, Eva
Producer Sauwen, Rik
Produced by BRTN
All rights reserved to Herscovici, Charly