CONTAINER 04: de betoverde wereld van art deco

1989 00:58:47 col. and b&w

A discussion about ‘Art Deco’, a term which caught on in the 1960s and it was derived from the “exposition des arts décoratifs et industriels” in Paris in 1925. Art Deco was seen as a form of confusion, an amalgam of extremes fused without a clear line into a fashionable style: from bourgeois rococo to militant modernism, from decorative cubism to colonialism, from neo-classicism to enthusiasm for the modern, floating on a tension between functionalism, utopia and the frivolity of consumption. What is the difference between ‘Art deco’, ‘modernism’ and ‘modernistic’? Might this be considered a “neo” style? What is the contemporary element of Art Deco? Part of the BRT (Belgian radio and television broadcast network) television series ’Container’. Panel discussion with Lieven De Cauter, Bart Verschaffel, Marc Lambrechts and Norbert Poulain.

Directed by Cornelis, Jef
With Verschaffel, Bart
With De Cauter, Lieven
With Poulain, Norbert
With Lambrechts, Mark
Studio manager Palmans, Louis
Technical manager Meeusen, Leo
Sound Hamels, Egbert
Sound De Geyter, Herman
Lighting Reynaerts, Hendrik
Lighting Limbourg, Lucien
Camera control Vlaeminck, Bob
Camera Coppens, Roland
Camera Le Docte, Elfriede
Camera Vandervorst, Marc
Graphics Jacques, Rik
Dls operator Bos, Guido
Sound mixing Bekaert, Etienne
Production assistant; assistant to the director Vermeyen, Christel
Production assistant; assistant to the director Binnemans, Eva
Produced by BRT (Dienst Kunstzaken)