Pau Brasil : Je vindt niet, wat je zoekt

1992 00:57:14 col. and b&w

’You don’t find what you’re looking for’ is a phrase that can be found on a work of art by Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles. In their work, Meireles and several other contemporary Brazilian artists, continually give expression to the formal and social tension in which Brazilian culture finds itself. How can one describe the cultural identity of a country like Brasil, where that identity is based on a mixture of the most diverse cultures? What are the artists looking for, and what are we looking for? Showing works by, among others, Chico Buarque, Blaise Cendrars, Marcelo Cipis, Lygia Clark and Oswald de Andrade, this documentary by Jef Cornelis and Chris Dercon is an attempt to penetrate into 500 years of Brazilian culture.

Directed by Cornelis, Jef
Scenario and interviews; with; music editing Dercon, Chris
Text ("Albert Eekhaut E Sue Tempo. Brasil Holandès 1637-1644") Leite, José Roberto Teixeira
Text ("Vivo o povo brasileiro") Ribeiro, João Ubaldo
Text ("Projecto do belga Jef Geys") Porchat, Patricia
Text ("Reposta"), music excerpts from "Sal sem Carne" by Meireles, Cildo
Text ("Brasil Diarreia") Oiticica, Hélio
Text ("O olhau difuso") Naves, Rodrigo
Text ("Tristes Tropiques") Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Text ("Kempens informatieblad") Goossens, Jean
Text ("Kempens informatieblad") Geys, Jef
Text ("Manifesto Antropófago") de Andrade, Oswald
Text ("Deux voyages au Brésil") Biard, August François
Text ("Saint-Paul") Cendrars, Blaise
Text ("Boletin de Conselho de Escola e gremio Estudantil da EMPG Antonio Duarte de Almeida") Vespucio, Américo
With Leirner, Jac
With Cintra, Ernestina
With Cipis, Marcelo
With da Costa, Marisa
With Arnstein, John
With Barbosa D'Alessio, Maria Regina
With Campos, Walter
With Campos da Cunha, Riva
With Dendé, Marinheiro
With de Oliveira Moreira, Osvaldo
With Figueiredo, Luciano
With Herkenhoff, Paulo
With Lacaz, Guto
With Lauretta, Marie Joseph
With Jokel, Lana Pih
With Reichenbach, Carlos
With Sobral Ribeiro, Dulce
With Satilia de Oliveira, Leandro
With Tadeu Oliveira, Jefferson
With Soulé Zamudio, Jorge Mauricio
With Yassui, Maria Vanda
Excerpts from "Mater Dolorosa im Memoriam II" (1979) by Evangelista, Roberto
Excerpts from "Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol" (1964) by Rocha, Glauber
Excerpts from "Anjos do Arrabalde" (1987) by Reichenbach, Carlos
Excerpts from "Tunga" (1985) by Perez, Omar
Excerpts from "A propos de Tristes Tropiques" (1990) by Beaurenant, Jean Pierre
Excerpts from "Comercial Cipis" (1991) by Cipis, Marcelo
Excerpts from "H.O." (1979) by Cardoso, Ivan
Excerpts from "Memória do corpo - Lygia Clark" (1984) by Carneiro, Mario
Music excerpts from "Caçada", "Construçao" and "Cálice" by Buarque, Chico
Music excerpts from "Rosa de ouro" by Bello de Carvalho, Hermínio
Music excerpts from "Sobrado dorado" by Anonymous
Music excerpts from "Brasileirinho" by Azevedo, Waldis
Music excerpts from "O Estrangeiro", "Terra", "Sampa" and "Tropicália" by Veloso, Caetano
Music excerpts from "A Igreja Majestosa" by Ornelas, Nivaldo
Music excerpts from "Cello Caribe" and "A Igreja Majestosa" by Tiso, Wagner
Music excerpts from "Brilho de Beleza" by Tenga, Nego
Music excerpts from "Cálice" and "Seis horas da tarde" by Nascimento, Milton
Music excerpts from "Clementina, cada vocé" by Medeiros, Elton
Music excerpts from "Asa Branca" by Teixeira, Humberto
Music excerpts from "Asa Branca" by Gonzaga, Luiz
Camera in-'t-Ven, Roger
Sound recording Jacobs, Jo
Film-to-video transfer Moreels, Raf
Graphics Boeye, Helga
Editing and soundmix Staes, Dany
Production assistant Binnemans, Eva
Production Sauwen, Rik
Produced by BRTN (Dienst Kunst)
Produced in collaboration with Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap Administratie Externe Betrekkingen