La tristeza complice

1996 00:37:00 b&w

This work is a document of and about the people who were involved with the creation by Les Ballets C. de la B. of ‘La Tristeza Complice’. The medium, super 8 film, enables the makers of the tape to observe the production process from the margin. The functional and operational aims are not to inform or to document, but rather to obtain emotions and a nostalgic feeling, which is intensified by the use of black/white material. The images presented bring things to mind, the visible represents what is invisible. Dancers, musicians, choreographer, composers and playwrights, all people of different sex, nationality and opinion were working on the same project under the guidance of Alain Platel; shared melancholy. As a consequence, the theme (individuals being placed in a fragmentary multi-cultural society, and coexistence as a goal) and the actual relationships between the people who were involved could not longer be separated. In that sense the persons that are portrayed present a mirror of themselves, and also of (and for) others.

Directed by Augustijnen, Sven
Directed by Platel, Alain
Produced by Les Ballets C. de la B.
Produced by Het Muziek Lod
Director Les Ballets C. de la B. Thyrion, Lieven
Director Het Muziek Lod Bruyneel, Hans
Production manager Deweerdt, Kristel
Post-production Ongena, Herwig
Co-produced by deSingel
Co-produced by Théâtre de la Ville (Paris)
Co-produced by Kunstencentrum Vooruit Gent
Co-produced by K.I.T. - Canon Hallen (Kopenhagen)
Production facilities Five
Production facilites Open End
Administration Vos, Kate
Administration Cruyt, Cathy
Administration Buyle, Joske
Editing Meijer, Hans
Screenplay Phlips, William
Light design Vandermeulen, Marc
Costume design Zoef, Yolande
Dramaturgy De Vuyst, Hildegard
Stagecraft Strumane, Johan
Understudy Lalitha, Lima
Photography Van der Burght, Chris
Music (after Henri Purcell) Van der Harst, Dick
Musical direction; accordion Thuriot, Philippe
Singing De Beul, Euridike
Singing Ugljesa-Hadzifejzovic, Fazila
Accordion Caelen, Freddy
Accordion Kestens, Wim
Accordion Cresens, Gwen
Accordion Smeulders, Ivan
Accordion Abrath, Edwig
Accordion Mariën, Ludo
Accordion Steenkiste, Jürgen
Accordion George, Patricia
Accordion Smeulders, Mike
Dance Carrizo, Gabriela
Dance Cogill, Katherine
Dance Cosyns, Nelis
Dance Dhanens, Thomas
Dance Koÿlü, Necati
Dance Louwyck, Samuel
Dance Sarrokh, Abdelaziz
Dance Tessa, Séverine
Dance Vosteen, Minne
Dance Willkie, Angelique
Dance Burchi, Ronald
Dance Beloul, Philippe
Dance Augustijnen, Koen
With the support of Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
With the support of Stad Gent
With the support of Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
With the support of Noordstarfonds
Sponsored by (Les Ballets C. de la B.) Hotel Ibis
Sponsored by (Les Ballets C. de la B.) Agref NV
Sponsored by (Les Ballets C. de la B.) Sony Center Gent
Thanks to Baert, Lieven
Thanks to Bastijns, Paul
Thanks to Botterman, Frank
Thanks to Ghysels, Frank
Thanks to De Beun, Fine
Thanks to Monbaliu, Lieve
Thanks to Schiffer, Guido
Thanks to Haenen, Greta
Thanks to Sierens, Arne
Thanks to Da Silveira, Isnelle
Thanks to C.C. Stroming - Dr. Van der Linden
Thanks to Kunstencentrum Vooruit Gent
Thanks to deSingel
Thanks to St. Vincentius
Thanks to Cruyt, Annik
Thanks to Sente, R.
Thanks to Dur, Anita
With special thanks to Technical team
Distributed by Frans Broodproductions