Smell the flowers while you can

1994-2012 00:05:54 col.

Johan Grimonprez transposes an extract from Meg Stuart’s compelling choreography ‘No Longer Ready-Made’ to the anonymous waiting room of a railway station. This colourless space along with nameless travellers provides the excellent setting for Stuart’s hectic and intense convulsions. A train ride along the nightly Brussels northern area supports the vitriolic New York City prose of David Wojnarowicz on the soundtrack.

Directed by Grimonprez, Johan
Performed by Lachambre, Benoît
Performed by Stuart, Meg
Excerpts 'Close to the Knives' Wojnarowicz, David
Music Rowe, Hahn
Voice Sears, Michael
Technical production Jan Van Eyck Academie
Restored in 2007 & 2012 by ARGOS vzw
Restored in 2007 & 2012 by Zapomatik
Camera Mullins, Carlos Awaaka
Edited by Lamisse, Rachel
Acknowledgements Blondeel, Claude
Acknowledgements Aussems, Berto
Acknowledgements Ampe, Stef
Acknowledgements Asselberghs, Herman
Acknowledgements Beursschouwburg
Acknowledgements De Andere Film
Acknowledgements Damaged Goods
Acknowledgements Café Den IJzer
Acknowledgements Depraetere, Frie
Acknowledgements Van Peel, Mike
Acknowledgements Oost, Emmy
Acknowledgements Sint-Pietersstation Gent
Acknowledgements Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap