2002 00:57:00 col.

‘Fase’ was a historic performance: it resulted in the birth of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s dance company Rosas. Although many of De Keersmaeker’s choreographic works were filmed at a fairly early stage, many years passed before ‘Fase’ was finally recorded on film by director Thierry De Mey. The dance ‘Fase, four moments to the Music of Steve Reich’, is by no means a simple piece on which to give a film-maker’s imagination free rein. ‘Fase’ is a quite compelling choreography, which guides the spectator’s gaze firmly, only to have him suddenly discover that in its order lies deep emotion. This is done very subtly, for example when the light shifts, or the synchronisation is disrupted, or the dancers appear to have moved unnoticed. ‘Fase’, the film, in no way claims to compete with the dance, but explores it rigorously and precisely. In this way the film reinforces what was already present in De Keersmaeker’s choreography.

Directed by; music by De Mey, Thierry
First assistant director Van Aerschot, Anne
First assistant director Woditsch, Peter
Art director Van Essche, Johan
Produced by Schaamte vzw
Produced by (Schaamte vzw) De Greef, Hugo
Produced by; executive producer Roekens, Jan
Produced by Schoukens, Sophie
Produced by Sophimages
Co-produced by Bruges 2002 / A Prior
Co-produced by; camera equipment; lighting equipment RTBF Bruxelles
Co-produced by Arte France
Co-produced by De Munt / La Monnaie
Co-produced by NPS
Co-produced by; lighting equipment Rosas
Delegate producer; general director Rosas Eijrond, Kees
Delegate producer; general manager Rosas Gypens, Guy
Administrator Rosas; production accountant Van den Bosch, Luk
Administrative assistant Rosas Van Waeyenberge, Hanne
Promotion and press officer Rosas Van Muylem, Koen
Financial administrator Rosas Van Langendonck, Bob
Directors' secretary Maes, Chris
Editing Maerten, Rudi
Editing assistant Benarrosch, Deborah
Editing facilities TouMouv asbl
Editing facilities Tintamarre
Mixing Gauder, Thomas
Mixing facilities Studio l'Equipe
Sound engineer Vanderslagmolen, Vic
Sound editing Demolder, Frédéric
Director of photography Vanden Ende, Walther
Director of photography Houssiau, Michel
Director of photography Fromont, Rémon
Stills photographer Sorgeloos, Herman
Operator camera 1 Gordover, Pierre
Operator camera 1 Renson, Chris
Operator camera 2 Mathy, Jean-Jacques
Operator camera 3 Vanderavoort, Aliocha
Camera assistant Hack, Caroline
Camera tests Maor, Sandra
Camera equipment; digital effects Color By DeJonghe
Camera equipment Monev
Steadicam operator Lambeets, Renaat
Location manager Matthys, Wilfried
Location manager; technical director Galle, Luc
Location manager Lechien, Didier
Location manager; technical administrator Martens, Patrick
Location manager Vanden Driessche, Hans
Assistant location manager Govaerts, Paul
Assistant location manager Vanden Abeele, Pieter
Assistant location manager Vandendries, Mieke
Assistant location manager Roekens, Max
Focus puller Rottiers, Carl
Focus puller; camera tests Couvreur, Christine
Focus puller Dellaert, Jan
Gaffer Stenuit, Pierre
Gaffer Houyoux, Pierre
Grip Grikaros
Grip Team machine
Key grip Evenepoel, Jos
Key grip Léonard, Laurent
Extra grip Vandezande, Joris
Extra grip Laukens, Hans
Extra grip Farid, Ziane
Extra grip Merveille, Vincent
Set decorator Van Loo, Bart
Set decorator Van Essche, Max
Set decorator Stoffijn, Yvette
Set decorator Stoffijn, Gilbert
Foley artist Wyckmans, Marie-Jeanne
Caretaker El Boutzakhti, Hassan
Transport Verhagen, Paul
Receptionist Buys, Johanna
Physiotherapist Moyson, Koen
Physiotherapist Sax, Evelyne
Physiotherapist Viot, Thérèse
Costume design André, Martine
Script continuity Rastelli, Els
Script continuity Kunz, Anne-Catherine
Production accountant Kahn, Thierry
Color grading Vervoenen, Roger
Raw stock Kodak
Lab Laboratoires Meuter-Titra
Lighting equipment B&L
Credits Studio Aniway
Insurance AON
Insurance KBC
Make-up Devynck, Pieter
Tour administrator Dierckx, Lena
Catering coordination Vervecken, Mieke
Recordist Gillain, David
Recordist Deville, Damien
House keeping Leandro, Maria
House keeping Vega, Maria
Technician Vandezande, Frank
Technician De Clercq, Raf
Maintenance Wnorowski, Czeslaw
Maintenance Osman Musa, Ahmed
Wardrobe Kunz, Anne-Catherine
Wardrobe Cathry, Dorothée
Best boy Delhez, Tanguy
Best boy Versolatto, Didier
Best boy Dolive, Yannick
Best boy Delputte, Dries
Best boy Buysse, Maroussia
Best boy Tanghe, Piet
Best boy Botte, Olivier
Best boy Bersez, Hughues
Best boy; technician Van Dijck, Kristof
Best boy Deblauwe, Koenraad
Best boy Kundler, Julia
Best boy Vanderscheuren, Noël
Best boy Geumez, Robert
Best boy; technician Kiekens, Marianne
Choreography; dancer; costume design; artistic director Rosas De Keersmaeker, Anne Teresa
Dancer (stand-in) Aldaz, Laida
Dancer (stand-in) Bodien, Stephanie
Dancer (stand-in) Mariën, Frauke
Dancer (stand-in) Sandström, Kasja
Dancer De Mey, Michèle Anne
Dancer (stand-in) Gigon, Pascal
Dancer (stand-in) Del Hoyo, Magali
Music by Reich, Steve
Thanks to Van de Velde, Paul
Music by Octors, Georges-Elie
Thanks to Pairon, Lukas
Music by Nulens, Gerrit
Music by (soloist "Violin Phase") van Dam, George
Thanks to ICTUS
Thanks to van der Meulen, Henk
Music recording engineer Frankowski, Jarek
Music recordings Universal Music S.A. France
Thanks to Van Praag, Frank
Thanks to Mestre, Isabelle
Music recordings (Piano Phase, Come Out, Violin Phase, Clapping music) Warner
Thanks to Cocault, Evelyne
Music recordings Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.
Music recordings Avila Productions
Thanks to Lefever, Frans
Thanks to de Dixmude, Benoît Jacques
With the support of Fonds Film in Vlaanderen
In association with; thanks to; with the support of Nationale Loterij - Loterie Nationale
Thanks to Bosquée, Roch
Thanks to Schoonjans, Norbert
In association with VRT
Thanks to Desmet, Karl
In association with C-sales
Thanks to De Peuter, Johan
Thanks to Causley, Alex
Thanks to de Ridder, Frédéric
Thanks to Leroy, Steve
Thanks to L. Garnet, Dana
Thanks to Haken, Ernst
Thanks to Magnus, Marleen
Thanks to Verbeken, Carine
Thanks to Coca-cola Belgium-Luxembourg
Thanks to; sponsored by Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Thanks to Afdeling Bos en Groen - Zoniënwoud
Thanks to Gemeentebestuur van Tervuren
Thanks to Het Felix Archief - Stad Antwerpen
Thanks to Rastaldi, Manuela
Thanks to Antonio e Aurelio
Thanks to Sale, pepe e rosmarino
Thanks to Lefort, Carole
Thanks to Cetin, Jay