Musique de tables

1998 00:08:30 col.

Musique de tables is the film of the visual and music work of the same name created in 1987 : Three percussionists, each with only a little table as an instrument. The positions of the fingers and the hands and the rhythmic patterns are codified in a repertory of original symbols employed in the score. Musique de tables sets out to explore the delicate line between music and the movement that produces sound.

'Hands/ Musique de table' won the prize for the best Belgian short film at the 1999 Flemish Film Festival in Ghent.


De Mey, Thierry
Interpreter Octors, Georges-Elie
Interpreter Cambier, Gery
Interpreter Descheemaeker, Dirk
Production representative Schoukens, Sophie
Coproduced by de Dixmude, Benoît Jacques
Coproduced by; Production representative; Lightning equipment RTBF Bruxelles
Coproduced by van der Meulen, Henk
Coproduced by NPS
Production director Roekens, Jan
Production representative Bosquée, Roch
General manager Basano, Fabrizio
First assistant Woditsch, Peter
Script Ghesquiere, Julie
Director of photography Fromont, Rémon
Camera Leon, Jorge
Sound engineer Defossez, André
Sound engineer Van Der Slagmolen, Vic
Editing Maerten, Rudi
Mixing Gauder, Thomas
Camera assistant Van der Avoort, Aliocha
Camera assistant Dravet, Samuel
Second assistant camera Firlefyn, Tom
Chief electrician Hoyoux, Pierre
Electrician Greimers, Erwin
Electrician Grolaux, Vincent
Electrician Ahmed, Kassim
Stagehand Léonard, Laurent
Stagehand Merveille, Vincent
Stagehand Vandezande, Joris
Music consultant Loreaux, Thierry
Negative editor Vanvolsem, Huguette
Calibration Vervoenen, Roger
Decor Van Essche, Johan
Cabinetmaker Van Lint, Bart
Dresser Angé, Britt
Make-Up Vanderlinden, Xenia
Guardian Sommelier, Bruno
With the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique
In collaboration with VRT (Canvas)
In collaboration with Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - ZDF
Pellicule Kodak
Camera equipment Monev
Machinery Merveille
Lightning equipment Flashlight
Lab Laboratoires Meuter-Titra
Mixing Studio l'équipe
Credits Studio Aniway