Rosas danst Rosas

1997 00:54:00 col.

Thierry De Mey filmed Rosas danst Rosas in the former technical school of architect Henry Van de Velde in Leuven. The film version is much shorter than the show itself. In his film Thierry De Mey opts for a heavily "inter-cut" version in which, apart from the cast of four dancers from 1995 and 1996, he also has all the other performers from the long history of the show dance along. He makes maximum use of the geometrical and spatial qualities of the Van de Veldes building. Incidentally, the building was thoroughly renovated straight after the film was made, making it one of the last testimonials to the original architecture. The film was shown on all of the major European television channels and also had a cinema career in the "art house circuit".


In Rosas danst Rosas, the repetitiveness of music and movement initiated in Fase is developed even further. The music by Thierry De Mey and Peter Vermeersch was created simultaneously and in interaction with the choreography. Rosas danst Rosas consists of four dancers in rapport with one another and five chapters full of intense physical energy. The drive in this body machine is tempered by a series of ‘very familiar, everyday movements’: the abstraction then changes into a series of small, concrete emotional narratives which the spectator recognises and is moved by. (source:

Directed by; Music; Musician (piano and percussion) De Mey, Thierry
In collaboration with Fonds Film in Vlaanderen
In collaboration with Direction de l'Audiovisuel de la Communauté française de Belgique
In collaboration with Nationale Loterij - Loterie Nationale
Dancer Borriello, Adriana
Dancer Bouche, Iris
Dancer Brito, Sofia
Dancer; Choreography; In collaboration with De Keersmaeker, Anne Teresa
Dancer De Mey, Michèle Anne
Dancer Eynaudi, Alix
Dancer Ganase, Nadine
Dancer Ikeda, Fumiyo
Dancer Levy, Marion
Dancer Loemij, Cynthia
Dancer Ludi, Sarah
Dancer Million, Nathalie
Dancer Mousselet, Anne
Dancer Omarsdottir, Erna
Dancer Saunier, Johanne
Dancer Tomsova, Diana
Dancer Van Wissen, Samantha
Dancer Villa Lobos, Maria Clara
Stand in Benabbad, Hélène
Stand in Okano, Tamayo
Stand in Plischke, Tom
Stand in Schampaert, Eva
Stand in Schellekens, Annabel
First assistant Van Aerschot, Anne
First assistant Vandeputte, Annemie
Script; Assistant editor Ghesquiere, Julie
Photography Houssiau, Michel
Camera Guilbert, Philippe
Camera Leon, Jorge
Camera assistant Vanderavoort, Aliocha
Camera assistant Vink, Zoe
Sound Castro, Riccardo
Editor Maerten, Rudi
Music editor Fostier, Alex
Negative editor van Volsem, Huguette
Colour grader Vervoenen, Roger
Off-line operator Rousseaux, Sven
Mixing Gauder, Thomas
Recorder Werner, Stephane
Recorder Pirotte, Frédéric
Art direction De Craen, Pierre
Art direction; Stills photographer; Set designer Sorgeloos, Herman
Set decorator Stoffyn, Laurent
Costume design; In collaboration with Rosas
Wardrobe; Costumes Douxfils, Nathalie
Make-Up d'Odemont, Muriel
Kinesitherapist Bastin, Piet
Production manager Roekens, Jan
Location manager Eycken, Bart
Accountant Rottiers, Rita
Accountant Kahn, Thierry
Programme editor Faust, Gabriele
Chief electrician Stenuit, Pierre
Electrician Versolatto, Didier
Electrician Louka, Thom'
Electrician Thiry, Stéphane
Electrician Revelart, Jean Luc
Electrician intern Verbeiren, Jean Marie
Electrician intern Therasse, Philippe
Electrician intern Castro, Rafael
Key grip Firlefyn, Koen
Grip Cine Qua Non
Grip Otten, Patrick
Catering Bachus, Manou
Special assistant Pernt, Peter
Music; Musician (clarinet and saxophones) Vermeersch, Peter
Musician (piano) Hus, Walter
Musician (saxopohones) Sleichim, Eric
Musician (clarinet) Descheemaeker, Dirk
Re-recording musician (saxophones) Yamane, Takashi
Re-recording musician (clarinets) Descheemaeker, Dirk
Recording engineer Fostier, Alex
Thanks to Dolby
Thanks to Stad Leuven
Thanks to K.U.Leuven
Thanks to de Laveleye, Olivier
Thanks to IBIS Hotel Leuven
In collaboration with Eijrond, Kees
In collaboration with Gypens, Guy
In collaboration with Martens, Lies
In collaboration with Rottiers, Rita
In collaboration with Francke, Veerle
In collaboration with Van Aerschot, Anne
In collaboration with Van Schel, Katleen
In collaboration with Galle, Luc
In collaboration with Vandezande, Frank
In collaboration with Peeters, Guy
In collaboration with Van Der Donckt, Anne
In collaboration with Performing Arts Research and Training Studios
In collaboration with Van Rompay, Theo
In collaboration with Tinlot, Christine
In collaboration with Demin, Lieve
In collaboration with Kodak
Lab Meuter titra
Light Equipment B&L
Credits Studio Aniway
Mixing facilities Studio l'équipe
Executive producer Schoukens, Sophie