Mont Aiguille, Grenoble, France, near the entrance to Hell, according to Dante

1987 00:02:49 col.

When visiting the Mont Aiguille where according to Dante the entrance to Hell can be found, Van Kerckhoven asked Danny Devos to lay down naked on his stomach with his legs open, a piece of wood tied between his ankles, his hands tied behind his back. A secret performance to pay an hommage to the time they met and when they did the performance 'I Wanna be Injured' at the end of Van Kerckhoven's exhibition '=Basic' in Art Something, Amsterdam. The artist shot a three minute Super8 movie of Devos' performance, no editing afterwards. Only the energy of the spot and the secrecy of the event defined her actions. They decided to do the same thing on other ritual spots they would visit together in the future. The work is part of a work-in-progress-series that eventually will count 12 parts.

Camera & concept Van Kerckhoven, Anne-Mie
With; performance by Devos, Danny