1985 00:12:00 col.

In ‘Improvisation’, Pauwels films Pierre Droulers improvising to the music of Thierry De Mey in a one-sequence shot.

A dancer and a camera-man limited in space and time. Both improvise within the confines of this setting. An uninterrupted take. We hear the tones of an exciting staccato rhythm. "Improvisation': not an extract from a fluid continuity but a race with a predetermined time. Not the certitude of a well considered preparation, but the spontaneity of the momentary. The experiment, the adventurous exploration enriches the experience, the memory, the vocabulary so well entrenched.

Directed by Pauwels, Eric
Produced by Atelier Ulrike
Photography Pauwels, Eric
Dancer Droulers, Pierre
Light Legrand, Patrick
Sound Gosselin, Jean-Fran├žois
Music (Contre six) De Mey, Thierry
Music (Contre six) Vermeersch, Peter