Gent, 10 Juni 1989, voor Geraldine Nerea

1989 00:05:00 col.

In this video Vromman shows us virtuoso how a “plan séquence” is capable of exploring a given spatial arrangement notably an abandoned church in Ghent. It is as though the camera possesses a will of its own, or, more appropriately, as it became itself a dancer within the given space. The columns become veritable side wings behind which the dancers are playing hide and seek and where perpetually new movements and new images are discovered.

Directed by Vromman, Jan
Choreographer Platel, Alain
Dancers Vos, Kate
Dancers Van Melle, Luth
Dancers Tanghe, Coralia
Dancers Rau, Patricia
Dancers Platel, Pascale
Dancers Huybens, Ann
Dancers Heirman, Maarten
Dancers Gobyn, Luc
Dancers Grimonprez, Johan
Dancers Cosyns, Marc
Photography Lambeets, Renaat
Assistant photography Robberechts, Chris
Light De Neve, Johan
Assistant light Vandenbussche, Jan
Assistant light Vanbuel, Mathias
Sound Godon, Guido
Produced by Kunstenpunt
Produced by Audiovisuele dienst K.U. Leuven