1986-87 00:25:00 col.

André brings her minimal yet elegantly sensual aesthetic to this interpretation of dance for video. She writes that Evento is "a spectacle of dance filmed within the natural decor of a hangar. [It explores] opposition, the duality of two dancers in a variety of architectural movements that emphasize the dancers' strength. The light forms a chiaroscuro in a harmony of sepia and gray colors that are reminiscent of Flemish painters; it enhances and reveals this concrete choreography, physical and austere, so that it retains the mysterious and timeless battle fought by these two men. The emotion and fascination of this theatrical work is fictionalized in the transposition of the image."

Director; editor André, Marie
Choreography; dancer Besprosvany, Jose
Camera Illegems, Toon
Sound Primus, Wannes
Music van Beethoven, Ludwig
Executive producer Beekaert, Ivan
Dancer Roebana, Harijona
Produced by Continental Video
Produced by VPRO
Produced by Stichting Shaffy Theater
Produced by AV Produkties