Paul Willemsen (part 2)

'Alexander Kluge and Jef Cornelis in discussion with Paul Willemsen'

Introduction by Paul Willemsen (in French) // 13 November 2010 @ ARGOS // 20:30 - 22:30

Jef Cornelis worked for the Belgian television company (BRTN) as a director and scenarist from 1963 to 1998. His oeuvre, which was marked by difficulties in handling the television medium, comprises 235 titles and in artistic and cultural history circles it is considered pioneering. It covers a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from art, architecture and literature to topics in cultural philosophy and sociology. The author and film-maker Alexander Kluge, who is above all a man of words, creates work that is highly individual and complies with a formal idiom entirely his own. From 1987 to 2008 he produced a cultural magazine on the arts, society, politics and history for German commercial television. Both Cornelis and Kluge, chroniclers of cultural philosophy who are indebted to cinema, were always odd men out on television. Argos has brought together these two artists, who always stood up for public openness of knowledge and ideas, in a double presentation. Paul Willemsen, who is the chairman for the evening, introduces their work with film excerpts.

NB: due to unexpected personal reasons, Alexander Kluge could not be present at the conversation, but his participation is replaced by a video letter especially edited for the occasion.
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