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Open Archive #2. With more than 2500 titles, ARGOS centre for art and media administers the largest and most accessible archive of audiovisual art in electronic and digital format in Belgium. Have a look at the collections in our multimedia library, and feel free to leaf through over four thousand publications – catalogues, theoretical works, artists' books and others – that contextualise this selection.

In this digital era, archives are constantly changing. Technological developments and social media have resulted in a new, dynamic contact with the past and the forming of recollection. Now, more than ever, the past can be seen as a space of possibilities, as a site that can deliver a constructive contribution to an archeology of the present. It is for this reason that the second
Open Archive festival – the first edition took place in 2007 – repeatedly places the ARGOS collection at the heart of the program of events. Over the course of six weeks, ARGOS maps developments and trends in the domain of image and media culture. We use our archive as a starting point to trace dozens of discursive paths.

Open Archive #2
is divided into a day and an evening program. Visit the exhibition Walking the Hinterland and join one of the walking tours in which artists/guides Els Opsomer and Mira Sanders offer a surprising and different view of the city. Open Archive #2 also takes visitors beyond the walls of ARGOS with the performances of the artists connected to the Alga Marghen label (in Bozar 02.12.2010), the Ecran d'Art screenings (Cinéma Arenberg 11.11.2010 & 10.12.2010) and with the program centred on the films of Alexander Kluge in Cinematek (21.11.2010 – 30.11.2010).

As well as browsing through ARGOS' media library and visiting the exhibitions, we invite you to join us for twelve thematic compilation
programs. We have collectively assembled these on the basis of new works and 'classics' from the ARGOS archive. On alternate days, we screen works by artists very dear to us in the temporary projection space. On Saturdays, we put your endurance to the test with the series Extra Length.

The evening program is a colourful blend of artists' presentations, screenings, discussion panels, performances and lectures. On this website, you can discover all our events in detail. Starting from personal practice, from 'case studies' or from a dialogue between makers; artists, curators and organisers explore how memory culture and historicity contribute to the development of critical strategies in the arts.


ARGOS explores the relationship between art and media and how these influence our perception of the world. In a time when digital information overload, industrial populism and corporate branding set the tone, the arts centre devotes itself to new forms of visibility and publicity. ARGOS’ territory is comprised of the audiovisual and plastic arts, whereby much attention is given to the interface with other disciplines and to the conscious and alert association with evolutions within the information society.

Central to the workings is the artist, someone who defends critical singularities and confronts us with what is positioned outside of ourselves. Serving as an intermediary between the artist and the public, ARGOS strives to be a place for meeting, dialogue, and exchange. Its functions include production, conservation and archiving, as well as presentation – exhibitions, film and video showings, lectures and performances; additionally, ARGOS houses a public media library and provides a service for the international distribution of artists’ films, videos and multimedia installations. 
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