Dirk Pültau

°1964 - BELGIUM
Dirk Pültau is art historian. Editor in chief of De Witte Raaf. Recent publication: The clandestine in the work of Jef Cornelis (with Koen Brams), an edition of the Jan van Eyck Academy, De Witte Raaf, Argos and Marcelum Boxtareos. ...

Ria Pacquée

°1954 - BELGIUM
Since the seventies, Ria Pacquée has recorded her presence in this world, or rather disguised herself as a specific persona. These personifications, including ‘Madame’ or ‘It’, were ‘played out' in photographs at first, but for some years now she has been recording characters on video as well, displaying a slightly adapted version of her ‘true’ self ...
Fleuve Congo à Kinshasa, 2005, Marie-Françoise Plissart © the artist

Marie-Françoise Plissart

°1954 - BELGIUM
Marie-Françoise Plissart is a photographer and a filmmaker. Former companion of Benoît Peeters, she collaborated with him on several films, books and exhibitions. Marie-Françoise Plissart’s photographs have been in many exhibitions. In 2004 she received the main award at the Architecture Biennale at Venice for her work on Kinshasa ...

Eric Pauwels

°1953 - BELGIUM
Filmmaker, writer and film lecturer Eric Pauwels started his career with what he calls ‘cinéma mémoire’, or ethnographic documentary. He obtained his PHD in cinematography in Paris with a documentary on the ‘possessed’ in Indonesia. Afterwards, eager to step out of his role of being a spectator, Pauwels begins to make dance videos and works of fiction ...

Ben Patterson

According to an old biography, Benjamin Patterson was ‘proficient on the double-bass, knowledgeable in music theory and history and acquainted with the crafts of composition and conducting.’ Following a career in symphony orchestras in Canada, he moved to Germany in 1960 ...

Nicolas Provost

°1969 - BELGIUM
Nicolas Provost’s oeuvre, shown with notable success at international film festivals in recent years, has been described as a working-off of the filmic codes of narrative cinema ...
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