Deutschland im Herbst, Alexander Kluge, 1977-1978. copyright

Alexander Kluge

°1932 - GERMANY
In the early 1960s, Alexander Kluge was one of the co-founders of the 'Junger Deutscher Film' or 'New German Cinema'. Since then he has made numerous films and television programmes, and written fiction as well as cultural and social critiques. In his films and television programmes, Alexander Kluge reveals a strong belief in the critical power of a playful gaze. ...

Brent Klinkum

Brent Klinkum (Christchurch, New Zealand, 1960) founded Transat Video ( in 1994 and has directed it since ...
The House, 2009, Jan Kopp © the artist

Jan Kopp

°1970 - GERMANY
Jan Kopp’s (Frankfurt, 1970) artistic practice is characterised by its diversity, ranging from sculpture to video, photography to drawing, performance without hesitating to mix medias, sources, registers and techniques. Regularly his projects are the collective result of a sensitively constructed input with local inhabitants, students or artists ...

Aglaia Konrad

°1960 - AUSTRIA
Aglaia Konrad produces photos and videos of global urban space and her work can be considered to be a form of visual research. Over the years, she has brought together an enormous archive of images shot in such diverse cities as Sao Paulo, Beijing, Chicago, Dakar, Tokyo, Cairo or Shanghai. Konrad draws from this reservoir for her exhibitions ...

Ken Kobland

Ken Kobland is an independent film and video artist, collaborating at times with performing artists such as Philip Glass or The Wooster Group. He retains a critical distance and poetical tension that seem to be lacking in a media-dominated society. As spectators, we are invited to look and interpret actively, rather than to passively identify with emotions suggested by a continued storyline ...
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