Sofie Benoot

°1985 - BELGIUM
Documentary filmmaker Sofie Benoot is currently working on Blue Meridian, the second part of a trilogy on "american water" that started with fronterismo (2007) her graduation film project. In her films, she revisits the history and the stories of abandoned and forgotten places which are important to the united states' foundations and mythology. ...

Justin Bennett

Justin Bennett’s work covers a wide range of genres, from (audio-)visual arts to music. Central to his thinking and work are a process-orientated approach and an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ‘space’. Bennett produces (reworked) field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, photographs, videos and essays ...

Ursula Biemann

Swiss artist, theorist and curator Urusla Biemann's artistic practice is aimed at the representation of gender and identity of minority groups in the media, and in peripheral and border areas ...
Des canaux dans les plaines (work in progress), Antoine Boutet, 2010 © the artist

Antoine Boutet

°1968 - FRANCE
Antoine Boutet lives and works in Paris, even though his recent projects have seen him spend months at a time in China or the remote corners of the Dordogne ...

Koen Brams

°1964 - BELGIUM
From 1991 until 2000 Brams was editor-in-chief of the De Witte Raaf and from 2000 to 2010 Brams director of Jan van Eyck Academy. He initiated in‐depth research of work of Jef Cornelis. Together with Dirk Pültau, he has since 2002 been writing on an alternative history of art in Belgium since the Second World War. ...

Orla Barry

°1969 - IRELAND
The strongly poetic and lyrical work of Orla Barry crosses a wide variety of media whilst evoking undercurrents of emotion and drawing on Irish disciplines of poetry and song. An interest in language stands central to her work; via frequently associative techniques she researches the semantics of her mother tongue and it’s cultural imbedding and implications. ...

Anton Bruhin

When, in the 1960s, the painter and publicist Anton Bruhin began playing the Jew’s harp, a small ‘mouth instrument’ which is often claimed to be one of the oldest in the world, it was ‘by accident’. In a career spanning more than fifty years, Bruhin has built up an extensive network of other Jew’s harp players, with members in places such as Siberia, Hungary, Japan and Austria ...

Erik Bünger

°1976 - SWEDEN
The Swedish artist, composer, musician and writer Erik Bünger (1976) works with re-contextualising existing media in performances, installations and web projects. In Gospels, sections of Hollywood interviews are removed from their original contexts, interacting to form a new, seemingly coherent whole ...
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